Wood Fences

Welcome to DFW Fence Contractor, your trusted local fence contractor in Fort Worth. We specialize in providing high-quality fencing solutions, focusing on wood fences. Our team of experienced fence contractors is dedicated to delivering superior fence construction and installation services to meet your specific needs.

Our Journey as a Fort Worth & Dallas Texas Fence Contractor

Our journey began in 1998 with a mission to provide the best fencing services in the Dallas metro area. Over the years, we have grown into one of the leading fence companies in Fort Worth, known for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our expertise spans various fences, including wood, iron, and chain link.

Why Choose Us as Your Fence Company

Choosing the right fence company is crucial for the longevity and aesthetics of your fence. As a local fence contractor in Fort Worth, we understand our client’s unique needs and preferences. We offer custom fencing solutions tailored to your property and budget. Our team of fence installers is trained to handle all aspects of fence construction, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Our Expertise in Wood Fences

A well-built wooden fence can have considerable impact. One of the most crucial aspects of your property to think about is safety. When their kids are playing outside or inside the house, the majority of parents wish to ensure their safety. A fence is one of the most crucial safety features for your house. In addition to adding style to your property, a wooden fence in Fort Worth or Dallas will increase the safety of your kids or pets when they are outdoors. Choose wisely while selecting a wooden fence for your house. There are many different kinds and styles of fences that you can select from, so it would be wise to conduct some research to see which kind would be most practical for your needs and complement your home’s design. While there are many different types and kinds of fencing, wooden fences are more enduring and improve the look and value of your home or place of business.

Types of Wood Fences We Offer

Wood fences are a popular choice for their natural beauty and versatility. We offer a variety of wood fencing types, including cedar, pine, and spruce. Whether you prefer the rich, warm tones of cedar or the affordability of spruce, we can help you choose the right wood fence for your property.

The Durability of Our Wood Fences

At DFW Fence Contractor, we believe in providing quality fences that stand the test of time. Our wooden fences are treated to resist decay and insect damage, ensuring their durability and longevity. Whether replacing an old fence or installing a new one, you can trust us to deliver a wood fence that will enhance your property for years. Since wood is thought to be the most resilient natural resource and can resist adverse weather conditions in nearly every type of season, most residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area would like to have wooden fences installed or replaced by professionals. A wooden fence has a long lifespan and may be installed at a very reasonable cost.

Our Wooden Fence Installation Process in Fort Worth & Dallas TX

Pre-Installation: Planning and Design

Our fence installation process begins with a thorough planning and design phase. We work closely with our clients in Fort Worth and Dallas to understand their needs and preferences and design a fence that meets their specifications.

The Installation: Precision and Care

Our team of fence installers takes great care in ensuring the precision and quality of our fence installations. We use high-quality materials and follow industry best practices to ensure the durability and aesthetics of your fence.

Post-Installation: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Our job doesn’t end with the installation of your fence. We follow up with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and address any concerns they may have. We aim to provide our clients a seamless and satisfying experience, from the initial consultation to the completed project.

Wooden Fence Repair Services in Fort Worth & Dallas Texas

At DFW Fence Contractor, we understand that you existing fence can get damaged over time due to weather conditions or accidents. That’s why we offer comprehensive fence repair services to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your fence. Our team can handle all fence repairs, whether a broken fence post or a damaged panel.

Custom Wood Fencing Solutions for Unique Needs

Every property is unique, and so are its fencing needs. We offer custom fencing solutions to cater to our client’s unique needs and preferences. Whether you need a custom gate for your driveway or a wrought iron fence for your garden, we can design and install a fence that meets your specifications.

Wood Fence Construction: Our Approach to Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at DFW Fence Contractor. We strive to deliver the highest quality in all our fence construction projects, from our materials to our techniques. Our commitment to quality ensures our fences look good and last for years.

Serving the Greater Dallas Metro Area

While we are based in Fort Worth, our services extend to the Dallas metro area. We proudly serve diverse clients, from North Richland Hills homeowners to downtown Dallas businesses. No matter where you are in the Dallas metro area, you can count on DFW Fence Contractor for all your fencing needs.

Understanding the Cost of Your Wooden Fence Project

The cost of your fence project can vary depending on several factors, including the type of fence, the size of your property, and the complexity of the installation. DFW Fence Contractor strives to provide transparent and competitive pricing for all our services. We offer free estimates to help you understand the cost of your fence project and make an informed decision.

Maintaining Your New Fence: Tips and Tricks

A well-maintained fence can enhance your property’s curb appeal and extend your fence’s lifespan. We provide tips and tricks on maintaining your new fence, from cleaning and staining your wood fence to repairing minor damages on your iron fence.

The Importance of a Quality Wooden Fence for Your Property

A quality fence not only enhances the security of your property but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. Whether a wood privacy fence for your backyard or a wrought iron fence for your business, a quality fence can significantly impact your property.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Space with Our Wooden Fencing Solutions

Our fencing solutions are not just about security and privacy. They are also about enhancing your outdoor living space. A beautiful fence can transform your backyard into a private oasis, while a custom gate can add a touch of elegance to your property.

Your Go-To Fence Builder in Fort Worth & Dallas

As your local fence builder in Fort Worth and Dallas Texas, we at DFW Fence Contractor are dedicated to providing you with the best fencing solutions tailored to your needs. Our commitment to quality, customer service & satisfaction, and extensive experience in the industry make us the ideal choice for your fencing projects.

Whether you need a new fence installed or an existing one repaired, our team of skilled fence builders is ready to deliver superior service and craftsmanship. We understand that a fence is more than just a boundary; it’s an integral part of your property that enhances security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

Beyond Wood: Our Other Fencing Solutions

Iron Fences: Strength and Elegance

Iron fences are known for their strength and elegance. They are an excellent choice for those looking for a durable and stylish fencing solution. Our iron fences are custom-built to match your property’s aesthetic and security needs.

Chain Link Fences: Practical and Affordable

Chain link fences are a practical and affordable option for securing your property. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them popular for residential and commercial properties.

Vinyl Fences: Low Maintenance and High Durability

A vinyl fence offers the best of both worlds – as attractive as wood fences and as durable as iron fences. They are resistant to weathering and require little to no maintenance, making them an excellent choice for busy homeowners.