As a homeowner, or a business owner, you now that the roof is practically the most important part of a building. It protects you from strong winds, rain, etc.; and protects the house from deteriorating. Given it’s properly maintained that is.

Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

It allows the roof to last you longer and helps you avoid early roof replacements.

All roofing materials come with a guarantee when they’re being installed. Most of them will last for about two decades. But a neglected roof will live out its time sooner than that.

If you make sure you get your roof regularly checked, you can prevent issues that can cause damage like algae, cracks, tears, or moss.

why is roof maintenance important

Roof Prevention Benefit

Maintaining a roof involves doing regular check-ups, for which you can hire a trusted local roofing company or do on your own. They will know exactly what and where to look out for. Prophylactic check-ups can help you identify and eliminate problems while they are still small and easy to manage instead of having to get costly repairs done later or face potential structural issues to your home. If this happens, you might end up having to hire a roofing company to replace your entire roof, which would be significantly more costly than a simple repair.

It saves money in the long run

Preventative maintenance of your roof’s integrity will save you money on big repairs and full replacement costs. If you invest in a roof maintenance program with a trusted roofing company, the cost will be minor compared to the cost of major repairs that lack of maintenance with inevitably result in. Especially when it comes to businesses, as it can be harder to spot issues on commercial roofs, and you’d want a professional to do the assessment.

Aesthetic aspect

well-maintained house contributes to the overall level of the neighborhood in terms of appearance. The house as a whole will look tidy and presentable if you simply keep the algae and moss off of your roof and make sure all damaged or missing shingles are replaced.

How to Maintain Your Roof

Remove debris. Make sure your gutters can cause water to over-pour during rain, creating problems with your roof. In the winter, melting snow can re-freeze and damage the roof shingles, so it’s important to clear the roof of all snow and leaves, and any other debris.

Space. It’s important to trim your tress. Overgrown branches are hazardous for your roof, as you might end up with damaged shingles or worse. A thin but very long branch can weight quite a lot, but a thicker one can puncture your roof and end up costing you a lot. A slowly growing tree is not much better, as the branches can grow under the shingles and damage them.

Post storm inspection. Make sure to carefully inspect your roof after every major storm. Look for branches, garbage, hail, snow or anything else that doesn’t belong on a roof and needs to be removed. You want to check if any of the shingles have been damaged, if there’s been water damage or newly created leaks.

Sealing. A sealcoat can provide extra protection from potential damage, like elements or debris. An entire roof gets covered in a layer of sealant, protecting it not only from rain but also ultraviolet rays, that can dry the roof shingles and cause them to crack.

Call the top roofing company in your area and set up a professional preventive maintenance program for your roof. You can’t afford to neglect your roof.

What is Included in an Annual Roof Maintenance or Tune-up Plan at Roof Fix?

Annual Roof Inspection By Drone
  • Annual roof inspection
  • Eco safe low volume roof clean
  • Replacement of missing shingles or tiles
  • A free storm damage assessment and repair
  • Seal or paint pipe vents or gaskets
  • Annual thermal imaging inspection
  • Re-nail or paint loose flashing
  • Free roof repair on all roof leaks
  • Correct attic ventilation placement
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • 84-month warranty

Contact us at Roof Fix for a free consultation and inspection.

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