TXU Energy Renewable Buyback

By opting for solar panels for your residence, you accrue credits on your utility bill when you generate surplus clean energy compared to your home’s consumption. Conversely, during periods of insufficient solar production, you simply pay a straightforward, fixed rate for 100% clean wind or solar power sourced from the Texas grid.
TXU energy

About TXU Energy Renewable Buyback

Investing in solar panels for your residence comes with perks: surplus clean energy production earns you bill credits, and during low production, a straightforward, fixed rate ensures access to 100% Texas wind or solar power from the grid. The electricity meter monitors both incoming and outgoing electricity. When your solar system produces excess electricity that you don't consume, it is redirected to the grid as outgoing electricity.

If you earn $600 or more during the calendar year, TXU sends you a 1099 form, so you can pay income taxes on the earnings.

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