Solar Batteries

Solar Energy Storage

Residential homes connected to the grid can reap many benefits with the use of a solar panel battery bank. Our Storz battery banks can be used to create “Island Mode”. We can back up your entire home including your air conditioner – for a fraction of the cost.

How the Solar Battery Works

  • A battery bank can store excess energy until use.
  • Sunlight hits the solar panels which convert to DC power
  • DC energy leaves the battery into the inverter and turned into AC electricity


Without the battery, excess energy is sent onto the grid as a credit, but with the battery, electricity is only sent to the grid once the bank is full.

When the solar system isn’t generating energy, whether that be because of weather conditions, time of day or a power outage, homeowners can pull energy from the battery bank. Battery banks come in many different sizes and configurations to fit your unique energy needs

Home Solar Battery Benefits

  • Greater energy independence
  • Stores Excess Electricity Generation
  • Security during power outages
  • Control of energy usage during peak times
  • Lowers your carbon footprint
  • Quiet backup power solution

The most sought-after advantage of battery banks is energy independence, especially during power outages. Solar systems that are only connected to an inverter can’t supply electricity during power outages, but battery banks can. Depending on the size, battery banks can also supply a day or two of electricity without the grid.

The Power of AI+

Storz Power is the perfect solution for your home, regardless of size. A battery that works smarter, not harder, where the energy storage performance and efficiency are unsurpassed.

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