Metal Roofing

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What Types of Metal Roofing Are There?

A metal roof may even save you a bit of money during the warmer months as they reflect, rather than absorb, radiant heat, reducing cooling costs.

Aluminum is lightweight roof material and highly resistant to corrosion. It’s also extremely durable, even under prolonged exposure to the elements like the Texas sun. Aluminum is easy to work with and install because aluminum sheets are thinner and lighter than other metals. Aluminum is more susceptible to storm damage because of its densit

It’s hard to beat copper roofing in terms of longevity and aesthetics because this strong metal can function for over 60 years. Copper is highly resistant to fire, mildew, and hail and doesn’t require much maintenance here in SA. Since copper roofing reflects light, it is energy efficient, saving you up to 25% on cooling costs during om cooling costs during our hot Texas summers. What is especially attractive about copper is the aged green patina that forms on it over the years. 

If an extended lifespan is the main goal for your metal roof, corrugated metal roofing is an excellent choice. This type of roofing is incredibly strong, resistant to corrosion, and can last up to 100 years. It’s also highly flexible and able to survive even the most adverse weather conditions. The main drawbacks of this type of roofing include needing a steep slope to ensure water drains off the roof and its high cost of installation.

There is also much to love about steel roofing. This material is extremely eco-friendly due to its recyclability. It’s also quite affordable and flexible, and it offers customers a wide range of design options. Steel roofing is also very durable and resistant to insect infestation, corrosion, and fire. This makes it a great option for any climate.

Stone-coated steel is a hybrid metal with a layer of stone as its finish. Many buyers have fallen in love with the rustic charm of stone roofs and their ability to resemble traditional stone shingles. However, what makes stone-coated steel roofing stand out from stone shingles is their durability and longevity. The main disadvantage of this type of roofing that it’s quite expensive because of the labor-intensive nature of its manufacturing and installation.

The advantages and drawbacks of metal shingle roofing will depend on the metal from which they are made. For example, copper shingles look amazing, but are rather expensive, and corrugated metal shingling will last an extremely long time, but will need a coating to make it resistant to corrosion. A big benefit of metal shingles is their ability to mimic the style of traditional asphalt shingling while increasing lifespan considerably. There are a great many styles and colors to choose from with metal shingles, making it likely that you will find a combination that perfectly fits your home and your tastes.

Standing seam metal roofing offers a unique look that is quickly growing in popularity. As its name suggests, this type of roofing consists of flat metal sheets flanked on each side by raised edges where the joints are locked together. These joints connect with one another, forming a raised seam that spans the roof vertically. Standing seam panel roofs can be either low profile or eye-catching, depending on the metal and style you select.

Durability of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are renowned for being incredibly durable. They are long-lasting, sometimes making it 60 or more years before they need to be replaced. Metal roofs can withstand hurricane winds over 100 miles per hour and don’t corrode or break down over time like asphalt roofing. Some metal roofs are impact-resistant meaning that they aren’t damaged by hail or falling objects.

Metal Roof Inspections

Metal roof maintenance is minimal. They don’t require high-cost upkeep and annual tune-ups are minimal. It is still important to have regular inspections twice a year.

  • Clean off any dirt and stains not removed by rain
  • Clean the drain and gutters
  • Remove any branches or other objects that may be caught in the roof.
  • Check for scratches, chips, and fading.
  • Longevity – a metal roof can last 50-80 years
  • Durability – Impact resistant up to 140mph
  • Low Maintenance – simple cleaning and yearly inspections
  • Safety – Metal roofs cannot ignite in a fire
  • Energy Efficient – Metal reflects the suns UV rays.
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Affordability – A metal roof can cost up to 3x more than traditional
  • Performance – Open seams and penetrations can possibly lead to water damage
  • Color Match – Sometimes inconsistency with color match on repairs
  • Noise – When it rains,  a metal roof can be noisier

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