We build onsite energy power plants from renewable clean energy sources

Commercial or residential installation provider. Financing options for customers that can't utilize the tax incentive with delayed buyout options.


Financing a power plant can create immediate monthly cash saving. Power prices continue to rise and financing a power plants allows you to lock in your power rate. We handle financing for clients that want white glove service while providing various ways to financially benefit.

Direct ownership

Debt financing (owner receives the tax incentives and achieves the highest cash flow savings)

Operating lease

Monthly rent payment (financier monetizes the tax incentives resulting in a lower monthly payment but not as low as directly owning the power plant)

Power Contract

Commercial clients can enter into a power contract under a take or pay relationship. Run your business and we'll own and manage the power plants. Buyout option after year 7 for clients that decide to own the system later)


Onsite power generation that extends beyond producing kilowatts. We can integrate energy systems with daily life activities.

Add shade while creating energy. 

residential or commercial installations that utilize parking lots to turn them into power plants

Transportation revolution is here.  Combine EV Charging ports with your onsite energy grid

Quality of life or mission critical systems that require power redundancy.  Whether planning for future battery additions or immediate installation

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About Our Company

Our company is led by financial and construction experts.  In-house CPA team that can help clients navigate the tax code and a financial investment arm that can provide unique financing options to clients.  

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