Iron Fences

Iron fence is one of the most custom projects that we do at DFW Fence Contractor. We offer custom hand built iron fence for your home in Dallas, TX and Forth Worth, Texas. We also carrytwo pre-made products the come with either a one year warranty or a life time warranty. Iron fencing is great and looks attractive in almost application.

DFW Fence Contractor

Shop Built Iron
5’tall , Finials, Puppy Bars
We offer a shop built wrought iron fence that can stand up to our Texas heat and winter colds. The process starts with the purchase of the material. All of our shop built iron fence will be preprimed red iron stock. The preprimed material is cleaned and now is ready for assembly. Once the iron fence is contructed the welds will be cleaned and primed. At this point it is ready for a final coat of paint. Now that the product is ready we will schedule the install of the iron fence. At your home we will set the posts and weld in the panels. Likewise our Iron gates a for the most part shop built.


4′ tall 3 rail majestic
Life time Warranty
Ameristar’s Montage® welded ornamental iron fences are manufactured from the highest quality materials by skilled craftsmen to meet the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. Galvanized steel framework is subjected to a multi-stage pretreatment/wash (with zinc phosphate), followed by a duplex cathodic electro-coat system consisting of an epoxy primer, which significantly increases corrosion protection, and an acrylic liquid topcoat, which provides the protection necessary to withstand adverse weathering effects Fence Installations Over 10 Miles from Salt Water Coast Line Lifetime Year Warranty.

Remington Iron Fence System

6′ Tall 2 rail
Picket style
Remington iron fence system is a galvanized powder coated product. This is a great way to be cost affective when purchasing a Iron fence with a powder coated Finish. Similarly to the Montage these preassembled panels make the job construction go very quickly. Further more you can use the brackets or weld them to the posts. Texas Remington has a 10 year warranty

A New Fence for Your Dallas or Fort Worth Home

Created iron fencing can give security to any home. This style of fencing is exceptionally solid and can come in statures more than six feet. This fencing is transparent and keeps trespassers and other potential troublemakers out of the property. Iron is light enough to be utilized on mechanical entryways, permitting the mortgage holder finish command over who gets to the property at that time. Iron is better utilized for doors spreading over a more extensive separation since it outlives wood, which can debilitate and list over a significant lot of time.

Fashioned iron fencing can be utilized in an assortment of approaches to make the look you need. It very well may be utilized with wood to set aside some cash, as well as join mediums to suit the look of the house. It can likewise be painted an assortment of hues to suit your style, however, this additionally can build the yearly support. Be careful about rust and stains on garages and walkways. Iron can be curved into elaborate posts or railings or can be left round or square to conjure a feeling of straightforwardness.

For littler block homes, iron fencing can make a nostalgic vibe. More established homes with a focal walkway to the front entryway can profit by a straightforward door and fence and guard youngsters and pets while playing in the front yard. Bigger homes can profit by fashioned iron for similar security reasons, and additionally a feeling of grandness for bigger yards or property.

Property holders who are not on a tight spending plan can utilize created iron fencing to give security, detail, and assortment to any segment of fencing. And present-day fences are accessible in various choices; some are composed with the mean to augment security, some as simply enlivening and others for more than single reason.

There are a few perspectives identified with iron fences including the materials, sorts and real styles. Through this article, we will come to know about these angles in detail.


Outstanding amongst other approaches to analyze the selection of materials relies upon the sort of fences picked by customers for the yard or some other space. In the event that one has settled on security fencing, the best materials are metal or steel. What’s more, wood or vinyl is viewed as perfect for security setting. Extraordinary compared to other highlights of vinyl is that it needs low support.

Created iron being a standout amongst the most costly alternatives, it is considered an uncommon of the fencing materials as it is solid and profoundly improving. What’s more, chain connecting materials are perfect for security purposes and is more slender metals, it will assist one with saving more cash.


Steel is a typical and a standout amongst the most unmistakable kinds of fence setting. The sort can be more up-to-date and flexible, contingent upon the decision and necessities of mortgage holders. In neighbourhoods, the sort which is exceptionally normal is shaped iron fencing. Its highlights some place coordinate with fashioned iron, however, the alternative of created iron is more resplendent and prevalent.

Another fundamental kind is known as the wire fences that can be utilized in yards and patio nurseries of various size. Two best things about the sort are that it doesn’t require solid footings or any sort of uncommon instruments. Another quality viewpoint is that it is a lightweight choice for repelling creatures from the space.


The assortment of styles is reliant on the reason the structure needs to serve. Protection fencing is among the most widely recognized styles that advanced mortgage holders lean toward. The style is pervasive as it is outlined excessively tall for spectators. Elaborate style based fences are likewise basic these days. The created iron style is very favoured as the outlines over it are worked by hand. Furthermore, this is the fundamental factor that makes metal doors of this style to accompany high sticker price.

Iron fences in Dallas and Fort Worth is an awesome method to spruce up the look of any home and can give numerous advantages to your home. It is maybe a standout amongst the most adaptable methods for fencing property.