Texas has more hailstorms each year than any other state, so it is a good bet your roof will eventually fall victim to one or more of those severe thunderstorms. Hail in Texas can be as large as six and a half inches in diameter, which is the size of a huge grapefruit. In fact, the largest hailstone ever recorded in Texas was in Hondo, which is 40 miles west of San Antonio. If you are worried that your roof has been damaged by a recent hailstorm in the San Antonio area, here is a guide to getting your roof fixed right the first time without getting scammed.

How Prevalent Are Roofing Scams?

avoid roofing scams in Texas

Roofing scams are one of the most common scams in the contracting and construction industries. In fact, up to 30% of all contracting scams are related to the roofing industry.

Texas does not require roofers to be licensed, so anyone can set themselves up in a roofing business, even if they have no formal training. That’s why it is so important for you to avoid roofing scams.

Here are some suggestions so that you can get your roof repaired without getting scammed.

Common Roofing Scams You Need to Avoid After a Hailstorm

These are some of the most common roofing scams you need to steer clear of.

  • We will pay your insurance deductible. This practice is illegal in Texas. Usually, an unscrupulous contractor will offer to pay your insurance deductible as a way to get your policy information and work to scam your insurance company without your roof getting repaired.
  • We can give you a free roof exam. Many roofing companies will offer free roof examinations. However, reputable roofing companies require you to make an appointment for a roof inspection, while disreputable roofing companies tend to appear on the spot and offer to examine your roof. In many cases, these roofing companies do additional damage to your roof in order to get a bigger insurance company payout.
  • We have a limited-time offer, special discount, or refund. Criminal roofing companies often resort to high-pressure tactics in order to get your business. Good roofing companies offer the same competitive pricing all year round without high-pressure sales tactics.
  • We can do the work today. No reputable roofing companies can do your roof immediately after they take a look at your roof, especially after a large hailstorm has hit the San Antonio area. Reputable roofing companies have a schedule to keep, and you will know the date your roof can be fixed days or weeks ahead of time.

What’s The Procedure for Getting a Roof Fixed?

If you suspect you have roof damage after a legendary Texas hailstorm, there’s a procedure you’ll need to follow. First, if you have visible holes in your roof, you will want to cover your roof with a tarp to prevent further damage. Your next step is to contact your homeowner’s insurance company to let them know you think you have roof damage after a hailstorm. You will also want to take a closer look at your policy. Your homeowner’s policy should cover hail damage, but you need to make sure. You’ll also want to check how much your deductible is, which is the part of the repair work you’ll have to come up with.

Once you get a look at your policy, you’ll need to get your roof inspected. Nearly all reputable roofing companies will do a roof inspection free of charge. To do a roof inspection, companies either place people on your roof to photograph damage or they can send a drone up to video damage. After the inspection is complete, the company will then give you a quote for your roof repair. Often, the roofing company will work with your insurance company to work out any details or discrepancies.

Once your insurance company and your roofing company are in agreement with the roof repair, you will get a date that your hail-damaged roof will be fixed.

How Can I Make Sure I Get the Best Reputable Roofing Company Possible Even After a Hailstorm?

There are several things you can do to ensure you hire the perfect roofing company for your needs.

  • If you have a local homeowner’s insurance agent, ask them if they have any recommendations for a reputable roofing company. If you can find a company that your homeowner’s insurance company is familiar with, it may streamline your roof repair process. Plus, you’ll know the company has a good reputation in the area.


  • Ask your friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers for references on an excellent roofing company they worked with previously. Be sure you ask your colleagues and family members why they enjoyed working with this roofing company.


  • If a company comes to your door after a severe storm, check their license plate and their business phone number. This information will help you determine if the company is from out of state. You will always want to hire a local company rather than one from another state that doesn’t have local ties.


  • Check how long your prospective roofing company has been in business in the area. The longer the roofing company has been in business locally, the more likely you are to have your roof repaired correctly the first time.


  • Get multiple estimates for your roofing job. Of course, this will take additional time and effort on your part, but if you get several estimates, you’ll have a better idea of the actual cost of your roof repair.


  • Ask all of your prospective roofing companies for references, as well as whether they are licensed and bonded in Texas. While Texas doesn’t require a license to repair a roof, most reputable roofing companies belong to a licensing organization, such as the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. Bonding is another form of insurance some contractors take out, but if the company has business insurance, that is acceptable. You want to hire a company that can compensate you if they fail to finish the work or if they do shoddy work.


  • Never pay with cash or with a debit card. If the contractor does not do the work according to the estimate, and you aren’t satisfied, you have no way to dispute the charges. However, if you pay with a credit card or a check, you have protection from your credit card company or your financial institution.


  • Take a look at the roofing company’s website for photos of their work, and check company reviews on third-party sites. All companies are going to get at least one bad review, but if most of the reviews are good, you’ll know the company has a good overall reputation.

Partner with a Roofing Company that cares.

Because Texas has more hailstorms than any other state, it is all the more important you find a roofing company with a great reputation for all of your roofing issues.

You want to be able to consult with a company that has a long history in the San Antonio area and that makes customer service a top priority. Sustainable Roofing & Solar has been in the San Antonio area for over four decades making sure our roofs are the best in the area. If you have been the victim of the recent bad storms in San Antonio, reach out today for a free roof inspection.

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